Bywyd mewn TG?



A few days in London has given me the opportunity to grab a few caches I didn’t get on my last trip.

The favourite cache find of this week is:


A great ‘puzzle’ cache located at the BBC Radio Centre just off Oxford Street.

Thank you for taking the time to set the cache and for the fun… I must have looked like a loon solving it.



Little Black Hen

Little Black Hen Celebration CakesNew website commissioned today for my dear friends Andrew and Alison. It is still pretty much bare bones but the framework is in place now for them to play with it to make it suit them.

Please head over to Little Black  Hen for your custom made celebration cakes and for the best Jam and Cordial ever!


Is it Wine O’Clock?

Do not drink and FacebookA word of warning for some! So many posts on Facebook are made after a glass or two of red wine are consumed after Wine O’Clock, which in the cool light of day are seen to be in very bad judgement and poor taste!

I forgot to add that this is true not only on Facebook, but on the internet in general, I have been involved with e-Commerce for fifteen years now, and many emails that fall into the ill-advised rant category after wine o’clock! 🙁

Should a new crime be passed at parliament? Drunk in charge of the internet? Maybe I should write to my MP Peter Hain… maybe after a few cans of Stella 😉


Memorable Geocache Find Of The Week

Three very good caches found this week, the first and certainly the most memorable is probably

MM’s Ex-Stream Cache No3 “Go With The Flow”

A puzzle cache in Oxford proved to be a very quick and lucky one for me, but it could have been very difficult… judge for yourself

Spies Like Us – Surveillance

And finally a cache set by a new cache hider, Butty Boy Bach, his first cache hide, a multi-stage cache in the woods, he has put a lot of thought into it.

Webbers Pond

All three earned favourite points, and are all worthy of putting the effort in to find them.

Each one of these caches has been entered into the lottery this week, let’s hope they are winners 🙂

EDIT: no winners this week sorry!


Fat Newt…

The newt is fat from eating all the tadpoles…


BB List Breaks Records Again has broken website hits records again in January 2012.

The website recorded 12 million hits during the month of January, that is over 2 Million hits more than in the previous month of December, which itself was a record breaker!

Staggered with the demand for second hand gear in the Film and Broadcast industry at the moment. Some of the new tech is making it into the second hand market, stuff like Red One, 3D rigs and some of the top DSLR gear is now being sold via BB List.



The Frogs Are Spawning

Spring is approaching and the frogs are spawning across the country.

Here is a recent recording of the frogs in the Preseli garden pond on a very windy night.


Recent Work

Had a  lovely day filming yesterday, the last part of the day was spent recording year six school children singing Jubilate. I think you will agree they were brilliant!

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