The Grumpy Cacher’s Peach Jar Challenge (GCPJC)

In 2009 I participated in the BPJC (Birdman Peach Jar Challenge) (results) where geocachers were encouraged to hide a cache using an empty Peach Jar as the cache container. I created two caches for the challenge, BPJC – Margam Milestone and the BPJC – Y Graig.

The contest had categories for the most found and the least found amongst others.

So, for the Grumpy Cachers’ Picnic in the Park event of August 2014 I thought why not pay homage to Birdie who set up the original challenge, and have a challenge of our own?

So, without further ado, the challenge:

Hide a cache using a former Peach Jar, the plastic variety that you get from the supermarket – wash it out well to get rid of the smells, then put in it a log book, some goodies, decorate it if you want, or camouflage it. Then hide it.

There will be three winning categories:

  • The GCPJC with the most favourite points,
  • the GCPJC with the most finds,
  • the GCPJC with the highest percentage Premier Member Favourite Points.

The winners will be announced in the January Grumpy Cachers’ Meet (5th of Jan – Location TBA). There will be some small prizes (Travel Bugs / Geocoins.)

There is no closing date for submitting your cache, but obviously you will need to do so before we chose the winners. Anyone can participate, you don’t have to be grumpy, and you don’t have to be at any of our events to take part.

Please put GCPJC in the title of the cache, and then send the GC Code for your cache to Preseli via his Geocaching Profile.

Thank you and have fun!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! (bookmark list)

PRIZE CATEGORIES – and the winners are:

  • Most Finds – Sniffadogz, GC5AXR2
  • Most Favourite Points – Mal Bowsier, GC571D1
  • Highest Percentage Premier Favourite Points – Mal Bowsier, GC571D1

Congratulations to you both, thank you all who took part as well!

Geocaching.Com GCPJC Bookmark List

LAST UPDATED ON 5 January 2015

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